Free Printable Worksheets for Learning Letter Bb

Image for the Letter Bb
Hello Again!

I sincerely hope the sheets for the Letter Aa study were helpful for you and your preschooler(s). I am happy to upload some more sheets for the letter Bb. These sheets follow the same learning objectives we highlighted with Letter Aa. 

At the end of this unit, your preschooler should be able to:
1. Identify the Letter Bb in both upper and lower cases
2.Identify/recognize some of the objects that starts with Letter Bb
3.Match the same objects that start with the letter Bb
4.(Begin to) Understand the concept of "How many?" i.e. counting 
5.Practice writing of the Letter Bb in both upper and lowercase
6.Identify and use specific colors to color objects that start with the letter Bb.

A bonus objective with each Letter Study, is for your preschooler to identify and begin the process of learning how to spell on simple word beginning with the letter being studied. Please endeavor to teach kids with phonics, so as to help them grasp the concept of spelling easily. In the unit, you could pick B-O-X... B-O-X...BOX. Easy to sound, easy to spell out.

Thank you again for your support! :)

In Love and Health,

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