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Hello there!

If you have purchased my ABC Activity Book with Scripture Memorization, you are very likely to know the story behind the new chapter of WhollyEverAfter as a brand.

I started WhollyEverAfter with the mission of empowering individuals and families to take proactive part in their holistic wellbeing. It’s been an incredible journey that I have been on, personally; and it’s been equally rewarding to witness the changes families have made to better themselves, FOR themselves.

Life is a journey. One of rediscovering, and letting go. I believe that no one ever needs to apologize for freely letting go of the wrong you once thought to be right. This mentality remains one of the core inspirations behind WhollyEverAfter as a brand.

To those who do not know, I have recently started homeschooling my kids (a journey we will be pursuing for the next couple of years). I wake up with so many ideas on what to teach. Fun fact: I was once a Preschool Coordinator, actively stalking teachers for their weekly lesson plans. Now, here I am, as a mama and teacher, stalking my own self for daily/weekly lessons. Life is a treat!

While designing these for my own, I felt strongly led to share it on my website, for any parent/caregiver/guardian who may be interested. We are all slowly getting back to ‘normal’ life, after a global pandemic. And I am sure many will agree with me that life, as we knew it, will never be the same. For many moms, we never knew how much we LOVED and VALUED our kids’ teachers until COVID-19 hit. Many, many of us parents struggled to engage our kids because frankly, it is not an easy job. For a while now, I have had a deep desire – by the leading of God- to create and design engaging learning materials/resources for children and families all over the world, with the goal simplify the process of learning at home for parents, and holistically equipping the next generation. My hope is that, my learning resources for sale, and these free printables that The The Lord has led me to design, will do just that for you and yours!

Please let me know your thoughts, how it helped, and if you would like more of this. Thank you so much for your support! Please enjoy Letter Aa!

Always in Love,


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