Free Printable Worksheets for Learning Letter Cc

Letter Cc Cover Image

I am back again with the unit study for the Letter Cc!

These sheets follow the same learning objectives we highlighted with Letter Aa and Bb.

At the end of this unit, your preschooler should be able to:

1. Identify the Letter Cc in both upper and lower cases

2.Identify/recognize some of the objects that start with Letter Cc

3. Colour and then match the same objects that start with the letter Cc

4.(Begin to) Understand the concept of “How many?” i.e. counting with objects that begin with the Letter Cc.

5.Practice writing of the Letter Cc in both upper and lowercase

6.Identify and use specific colors to color objects that start with the letter Cc.

A bonus objective with each Letter Study, is for your preschooler to identify and begin the process of learning how to spell one simple word beginning with the letter being studied. Please endeavour to teach kids with phonics, so as to help them grasp the concept of spelling easily. In the unit, you could pick C-A-T…C-A-T…CAT or C-A-R.. C-A-R..CAR. Easy to sound, easy to spell out.

Just an FYI, I designed an ABC Activity Book with Scripture Memorization, and ABC Scripture Memorization Cards that help your little ones memorizes Bible verses as they the letters of the alphabet.

Remember, the little hearts of our kids are the best grounds for sowing seeds of The Word of God.And surely, there will be a harvest if we remain true to the call. Just as it has been for our family, I picture them being used in your homes, not just for your kids, but by the whole family.I envision your kids being able to recite letters of the alphabet with corresponding Bible Verses, as they would with the objects highlighted in these unit studies.

Thank you again for your support! 🙂

In Love and Health,


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