Three (3) Practical and Budget-Friendly Tips for Transitioning to a Less/Non-Toxic Lifestyle

3 Practical and Budget-Friendly Tips for transitioning to a less/non-toxic lifestyle

“Small steps always add up in giant leaps. They always have, always will”

For many of us, if we aren’t already doing it, we at least know in the back of our minds that eating real food, and doing without certain toxic items in our homes, is the necessary and best way to go. Several studies have proven it, and with ongoing research, it’s undeniable the effects (both positive and negative) of the food we eat and the items in our household.

Inasmuch as you and I may be trying to make better choices, it may be the most impractical suggestion to ask you to toss everything out and buy a new set, just because you know it isn’t the healthiest option. It doesn’t make sense budget-wise either. And that’s why today, I am sharing with you all 3 practical and budget-friendly steps towards a less toxic lifestyle

Out With The Old, In With the New:

Every time an item needs to be replaced, that is an opportunity to buy a better option. Although i still have a lot of changes to make, you couldn’t tell where I started from, if you saw my pantry today. Back in 2015, I was a student on a budget with no extra money coming from anywhere. But I also knew that I wanted to make some changes. So here’s what i did: when it was time to replace that worn-out discolored plastic storage bowl, I simply looked up a better, less toxic option. This could be silicone, glass or stainless steel. I swapped for the less toxic option that suited my budget at the time. I always had an idea of what I wanted to replace, and so would always be on the lookout for sales or different outlets that sold said products. Whichever one had a more affordable price, I went with that. You can start with simple products like deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, and household cleaners.

Create a wishlist/registry:

Help your friends/family/loved ones help you. If I have a major celebration coming up, I always always have a wishlist that I share with my nearest and dearest. I keep one for myself that also helps me know my needs versus wants. Remember, a cash offering is always a safe way of asking for gifts. That way, you can always top up to purchase what suits your needs. Help your loved ones in the gifting process. That way, you are a happy recipient, and the giver is equally a happy giver! This holiday season, I challenge you to carefully consider less toxic options for your family, even as so many holiday sales are ongoing.

Challenge yourself to one healthy habit at a time:

Remember, small steps always add up in giant leaps. If your consumption of sugary beverages is not encouraging, I challenge you to challenge yourself to a 30-day water challenge. If you find yourself eating too much fast food/junk, I challenge you to commit to cooking more. Even if it’s one less fast food a week, that’s progress. Don’t be too hard on yourself. 

It’s important to remember that everyone who seems to have made so much progress in any aspect of their lives, BEGUN. They started with one simple resolution. And so can you.

New years always come with resolutions. Your health is one of your greatest assets. And I yearn for a world where we all have access to information that can help us improve our lives, one purchase at a time. In more ways than one, I sincerely hope whollyeverafter does that for you. 

Always in Love and Health,


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