ABC Activity Book with Scripture Memorization


The complete early learning activity book designed to cater to your preschooler’s needs!

Your child will practice early handwriting skills (with visual guidelines), while learning to identify each of the letters of the alphabet in upper and lower case.

Each page comes with a fun, and engaging scripture-themed Illustration, that will be a great coloring activity to keep your preschooler happily occupied, and also enhance their scripture memorization ability! It will spark spiritually sound discussions at home that will -without a doubt- mold their delicate hearts and minds.

Why This Activity Book was Created and Designed:

1. To Simply the process of Homeschooling/Learning at Home  

2. To Prove that a Faith-Based Literacy Resource is Possible

3. To Create and Design a Top-Notch, Full-Color Children’s Learning Resource,  Highly Coveted by Parents and Preschoolers alike! 

4. To Make Learning Enjoyable for Children

What is Included?

  1. An ABC Activity Book

-Individual Pages for each letter of the alphabet (upper and lower case) with visual guidelines for writing practice.

-A Bible verse with the referenced letter.

-Each page has a scripture-inspired illustration to help with memorization of the referenced verse

– Letter Identification activity on each page.

– ABC-Cloud cognitive and writing practice

-26 custom-designed Alphabet-themed stickers

-custom-designed Alphabet maze page

-ABC Dinosaur coloring activity

-Free-writing pages for practice

  1. Complementary Bookmark so you don’t have to keep folding pages for reference. 🙂