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I am back today with a simple, yet exciting colouring sheet! In honor of the release of my latest Children’s Activity Book : “Learning Colours with Real Bible Stories”, I couldn’t think of a better time to release this worksheet!

Colours are always fun to learn; and the Rainbow is important for all of us, especially Christians. In the Book of Genesis in the Bible, God put the rainbow in the sky as the sign of His promise that He would never again destroy the earth with flood. (Genesis 9:12-13)

Here are three (3) important reasons why coloring should not be overlooked in your child’s activities.

  1. On the developmental front, colouring is an important activity for preschoolers, that should not be overlooked. As adults, we’ve been writing, typing, and doing fine motor skills for decades which means we may take our hand strength as a given. Toddlers and preschoolers, however, are just beginning to build those muscles. Developing their hand strength is important for all hand-related fine motor skills, especially handwriting.

2. Another reason why colouring is important for children is because it is a great focus-building exercise. Focus is an important skill for children to learn, not only for their academic careers but for their future professional careers as well. Focus is what helps us see through any task from start to finish. Especially with this exercise where they have to colour along an arc, it’s a learning opportunity for them to stick to the task until completion.

3. Colouring helps children to develop colour awareness. Using different colours gives them an opportunity to identify the colours they have learned, explore different combinations and lets them see how they can change the appearance of a picture.

So, while this may seem like a simple worksheet, there are so many principles that can be derived, and I hope you enjoy it with your little ones!

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